Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sock Patterns that are on my to do list...

I wanted to combine a list of sock patterns that really caught my eye (I guess they are all from Knitty!): Baudelaire, Cablenet, Diamante, Falling Leaves, Kew, Pomatomus (I will finish these I swear!), RPM (I've already done this but I will do them again, this time for ME!), Monkey (aren't these AWESOME!), and Rolling Thunder (I've never knit with beads before, but I really want to learn how).

I already did Hedera once, but I made a few mistakes the first time I knit the pattern and might want to make a pair that is mistake free!

I will also do some of the patterns from Favorite Socks, when it arrives! And of course, don't forget the two sock patterns in the Spring IK (the Entrelac socks and Grumperina's). Good thing I have so much sock yarn! hehe.

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