Sunday, February 04, 2007

Origami Pictures!

I know this is my knitting blog, but I wanted to share my origami pictures. I think that origami and knitting are similar in a lot of ways, I enjoy the process of it, I like the pretty finished object. I like trying new things, I like doing it while watching tv, etc. I think I just like making things with my hands in general. The top picture shows a sunken isocahedron, the next is, of course, flowers, followed by a cube skeleton, various geometric objects and finally a dodecahedron.


Katie said...

Very cool! I like the cube skeleton best, I think.

Minh said...

Yep, the cube skeleton is my favorite too!!

zippiknits said...

Beautiful origami. I showed them to DH who is scared of knitting but wants very much to learn origami.