Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day to ME!

STR - lightweight, originally uploaded by mangokiwi.

I got my STR in the mail just in time for Valentine's Day! From left to right they are stormy weather, carbon, henpecked and chapman springs. I didn't think that the Stormy Weather would have black in it, just that it would be various shades of grey. But that's okay, I think it will still end up looking pretty cool with a nice pattern and they will make for great socks to go with black pants. I do love the light grey at the bottom though. The Carbon is set to be zillionth pair of Jaywalkers (by zillionth, I mean fourth). The henpecked and chapman springs look fabulous no? :) The Henpecked is my favorite! You know, yarn is so photogenic!


Minh said...

So pretty! It's nice that you were able to get your package despite the bad weather :)

secret latin lover said...

Why not add a vday picture of your secret latin lover's gift?

ms. kiwi said...

I will, eventually, on the other blog.