Saturday, January 27, 2007

New socks!

I started a new pair of socks in Socks that Rock Watermelon Tourmaline. The pattern is the Basket Weave Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks. It is my first pair of toe-up socks. I did it by using a provisional cast by using a crochet chain. Perhaps it looks to busy since the yarn is bright... I haven't made a pair of STR socks for myself so these are for ME!


Anonymous said...

Nothing is too bright or too busy if it gives you a lift. The basketweave pattern is a very complicated looking easy pattern.
Good luck!

Minh said...

Your sock is looking good! How are you liking toe-up socks?

s said...

well for one thing, i forgot that i was knitting the foot, so i knit the pattern on both sides instead of just one side.

Fran said...

You socks are great, I used to knit socks when I was fourteen, but I lost my needles and I quit.. I´ll try to knit some socks again.

I´ll add a link to this site in my blog (, I hope you don´t mind.

Thank you!