Friday, January 19, 2007

My Clappy

I've been working on my clapotis in Lady Godiva and I was suspicious that one of the skeins might be from a different dye lot since it looked lighter than the other two. But Handmaiden doesn't put dye lots on their tags so I thought maybe I was imagining things... So after I incorporated the second skein in my Clapotis, I noticed that it looked different! (I thought I would use the two that looked the same first since I thought I might be able to get away with just two skeins.) It definitely looks like it's from a different dye lot. I think that since the Clapotis calls for dropped stitches it won't look so bad, but still, I'm a perfectionist and even though people probably won't notice when I wear it, I will know. I wonder if this is natural to happen or if the place I bought the yarn is to blame for this... Now I am really wondering how the third skein will look!!! These issues are taking away from the fun of the Clapotis pattern... dropped stitches are fun. Perhaps I should have knit it in Lion and Lamb. It's weird though, the Lady Godiva doesn't seem like it wants to drop... i guess it's not slippery enough to drop itself...

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