Thursday, January 17, 2008

Knitty Socks

In this season's Knitty, I noticed the Azure socks (these look so awesome!) and the Lighthouse Gansey Socks (I'm not sure I've seen anything like them before!).

I need to start using my self-striping sock yarn but I'm not really in the mood to knit a plain sock. Maybe I will knit a Broadripple using my self-striping sock yarn because I don't feel like doing a Jaywalker again. I think SKS also has a few patterns for self-striping sock yarn.


sienna said...

I was going to suggest RPM's as a great way to use striping sock yarn...then I saw on Ravelry that you've already made those. What about entrelac socks? or maybe a sock knit lengthwise on two needles so the stripes run top to bottom? I know I saw one somewhere...I'm just trying to remember where.

I'm halfway through my first Jaywalker & love it. RPM is great too - I find it really fast.

Mango Kiwi said...

RPM was a lot of fun to knit I think especially since the "spiral" aspect of it was new to me. I did it twice actually, so that shows I really liked it :) My RPMs were especially fast since I knit them in STR Mediumweight.

I've knit 3 Jaywalkers so far and it's really cool, but I think I need a break from that pattern. I'm sure I will go back to it at some point though :)