Thursday, January 03, 2008

Knitting in the New Year!

My knitting new year's resolutions are to knit more things besides socks and to go to Katie's knitting club at least once in a while! Perhaps I should finish that Knitting Pure and Simple sweater I started because god knows that yarn wasn't cheap. I also have yarn for the Artic Diamonds Stole that I could also do at the knitting group... I think that's a really fun project since I love lace! I also must finish my second "fetching". I should also knit more fingerless gloves... ok, i should stop this post right now! ha.

I am also going to learn to fair-isle knit at some point or another in my lifetime.

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Katie said...

I'm glad my knitting group makes your new year resolution list - and I'd be happy to teach you intarsia. :-)