Saturday, September 09, 2006

knitting books

I just got some new knitting books, thank god for Amazon gift certificates! :) Too bad I can't use any of the sock books right now since my RSI is acting up and I don't think I can knit socks for a while now...

People take pictures of their yarn stashes so I thought I would take a picture of my book stashes :) I like all the books a lot, so far the only book that I've used a pattern out of is Scarf Style (where I've used 3 patterns so far) and sadly I won't be able to try any of the sock books any time soon. Vogue Knitting has been a good reference book when I need to learn how to do something. Knitting Rules is kind of a fun, light book to read though not much material in terms of patterns or how-to's or finishing techniques, etc.

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Minh said...

The first Yarn Harlot books were more about knitting stories whereas this latest one is more about little tips and how to "wing it". Nancie Wiseman's book is great for finishing techniques.