Saturday, February 06, 2010

Oven Roasted Potatoes!

Okay, maybe it is a boring thing to post about oven-roasted potatoes, but I made some and they were good! And I finished the last of my Boston Organics potatoes. The recipe called for a lot of spices, I did not have the basil or the dill weed so I left them out and did everything else the same, it was still good! I actually wonder if it would be too busy with the basil and the dill weed! So now I am down to one small head of broccoli, which I will use to make the Double Broccoli Quinoa again since I have a fair amount of pesto left, 2 carrots (which will be come Sweet Potato, Carrot, Apple and Red Lentil Soup, hope it's good!), mushrooms (thai green curry?), beets (side-dish?), and watermelon radishes (south indian sambar?). Hope I can finish all this food before it goes bad!

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