Saturday, September 19, 2009

White Witch Mitts

mittens 004
Originally uploaded by mangokiwi.

My first fair isle project. Frankly it looks a little sloppy. The tension on my left hand is much looser than the tension on my right hand. Also I used DK weight yarn when the pattern called for sport weight yarn and still used US 3 needles which I think was a mistake. Another weird thing is that when I stick my hand in the mitten I can feel all the yarn that was carried across in the back when I was using the other color for a while.


sonia said...

hmmm... cool pattern. not sure on the color combo though. why don't you set your camera on timer and take a pix of both at the same time. WOO!

Mango Kiwi said...

because i only made one so far!

why don't you like the colors??? it's mint chocolate chip silly!

Carol said...

I like the colours, and the pattern. With regard to feeling the yarns that were carried ... did you use the Philosopher's Wool technique of wrapping the yarn each stitch?