Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Went to Purl!

Yesterday I was in New York to give a talk in the business school and since I was in the area, of course I had to go to Purl! What a nice little yarn store! The yarns are presented really well and they have a lot of selection. I wish I bought more actually, but was feeling a bit conservative and didn't want to buy something that I didn't have somewhat of a plan for it (except for sock yarn). I bought some Manos Silk Blend in the Violets colorway (to make a scarf - but what pattern? oh the choices!) and two different colorways of Koigu (one of which with tons of bright colors, the other of which I like to call Halloween yarn). Perhaps I should come up with a plan for the Koigu that doesn't involve socks. My housemate commented on the fact that I should make more mittens rather than socks so that I can show them off more :)

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Minh said...

I knew you would like this gem of a store! If I had a yarn room in my house, I would like it to look like Purl :)