Saturday, November 04, 2006

WIP - Pinwheel Baby Blanket

I started this because the kit I got from patternworks was a dud. I saw this pattern online and feel in love with it... I saw this pattern on 'Cori Knits' and she knit it in Koigu and I love any excuse to knit in Koigu. Also, what's nice about this is I dipped into my stash of sock yarn (since I have way to much already) and used some of the leftovers from my Charlotte (the light colors). I mixed in a couple colors, hopefully the effect will be cool... This pattern is a lot of fun to knit.


Tokyo Knitter said...

What a beautiful colorway! Great job so far!

Anonymous said...

Is the blanket going to be a round shape? I haven't seen baby blankets like that before... kinda cool.

s said...

yup yup, it's going to be a round blanket. that's why i thought the pattern was so cool.