Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One skein of Koigu?

I wonder what to do with one skein of koigu. I have three single skeins... it's weird I bought two as a pair and suppposedly they have the same dye lot which was suspicious looking at the hank... but after winding its apparent that they are not from the same dyelot. (The other is leftover from a shawl I made my mom...). I know that I can match each skein to a solid color and do a pair of socks with toe, heel, and ribbing in a different color but that would involve purchasing 6 more skeins of yarn which I don't really want to do esp since Koigu is so expensive.

I wonder if one skein is enough for a pair of fingerless gloves?

Or I suppose I could knit every two rows for the two skeins that are approximately the same color but that's kind of a pain with the heel and the toe...


Minh said...

Here's a pattern for fingerless gloves with only one skein of Koigu.

Otherwise, here's a link with some good ideas:

Katie said...

you could make a pair of mis-matched socks. :-)