Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Karaoke Cable Scarf

Karaoke Cable Scarf
Originally uploaded by mangokiwi.

I said that 2008 was going to be year of the sweater, but I think it might be the year of the scarf. I've been into braindead knitting lately so I guess scarves are the most braindead of all and they are a fun and short way to try a new fiber. I really enjoyed this project because I got to try Karaoke (half wool, half soysilk - no, not soy milk) and I learned how to cable without a cable needle (it actually goes pretty quickly when you get used to it). This scarf is so fun and happy to wear, I've been wearing it a lot in this Boston spring weather. Probably not good for the winter since the scarf is pretty thin like a rope!

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jonelle raffino said...

Gorgeous scarf! We are so proud of Karaoke projects like this and love seeing the finished work.