Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm knitting the Karaoke Cable Scarf

and it's so much fun! Part of why it's cool is that I get to work with a new yarn (SWTC Karaoke which is half wool, half soysilk and 100% heavenly!). I think that I'm going to try knitting with pure soysilk at some point too, probably another scarf such as the Dayflower scarf. It's also really cool because I learned how to cable without a cable needle and it's not nearly as complicated as Grumperina's tutorial looks. The striping of the Karaoke is also really awesome, the scarf is going to be SO pretty, I will wear it with pride! Who would have thought knitting a scarf could be so fun? I think that knitting scarves can be useful to test out a new fabric or a new technique, because it's small, goes quickly and there's not a lot of committment involved.

I just got some Lady Godiva (in the Peridot colorway - so awesome!) and some Noro Silk Garden Lite (for the Argosy), so more scarves may be in my future!

I guess I'm totally into the brainless knitting these days because I've been working really hard and been kind of exhausted lately!

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