Saturday, December 01, 2007

self-striping sock yarn!

self-striping sock yarn!
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or why I can't quit my day job...

I recently bought some sKNITches since it seems so hard to get. From left to right is Dayspa, Old Fashioned and two skeins of Handsome Devil for knee socks. The rightmost skein is Vesper Sock yarn in Crew. I think self striping sock yarn is great though I have yet to start knitting any of my self striping sock yarn up yet.

In any case, I'm not allowed to buy sock yarn for a very long time since I have way too many skeins of sock yarn. In my defense though, I'm almost exclusively knitting socks these days and I knit on the bus/subway/plane, etc.


sonia said...

Where is the Tiger stripes? :(

Mango Kiwi said...

you are not allowed to see it until it's knitted up!