Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Knitting with Silk

Silk is great to knit with since it feels so nice between your fingers. I've just used Fiesta La Luz (I told you, I find one thing I like and I stick to it!) and I've really only knit with two patterns though I have gifted a lot of these scarves to other people such as my mom, my older sister, my younger sister, my roommate, and my officemate. The light brown/pinkish scarf (actually Fiesta's name for the color is Champagne) was the first silk scarf that I knit... The pattern was very simple and it was my first time doing yarn-overs, so I messed up slightly on this scarf though you probably can't tell, but I thought that YO meant the yarn over and the knit stitch after it so this scarf is actually supposed to have 5 yarnovers per row rather than 4. I don't think the pattern has a name though I bought it from my local yarn store (Woolcott). The darker brown scarf (Pinon by Fiesta La Luz) is knit in Braching Out and I'm not done with yet. Perhaps you can't see the details of this scarf very well (sorry, I think I took a bad picture), but it's a pretty lace pattern with leaves on it. Again I'm hoping that posting it on my blog will help me finish it... I haven't really wore the Champagne scarf yet because as a grad student, I'm not really sure how to wear silk scarves with my daily attire -- perhaps I should have thought about it before I knit it, but oh well, it was fun to knit. I know that my mom and my older sister have been wearing theirs a lot. My older sister's is in in Branching Out and is silver (Silverado by Fiesta La Luz) and my mom's is in the simpler pattern and is in this color called Cinnamon (again Fiesta La Luz). The color of my mom's scarf reminds me of the Grand Canyon since it is the color of rocks.


AR said...

Your knitting is really pretty. Your friends and family are lucky you knit for them!

Whimsical Knitting said...

Your scarves are lovely! And you can wear a scarf with anything..dress up a pair of jeans, etc! A girl cannot have too many scarves.
Kudos on the new blog

s said...

thanks for the comments, i appreciate them! :)