Friday, November 21, 2008

sunstone socks

These are my most recent pair of socks. The Knotty and Knice Socks from the Fall 2008 IK. The yarn is STR lightweight in Sunstone. The pattern went surprisingly quickly considering that I am now a master of cabling without a cable needle. I think I was playing it on the risky side with the yardage as I barely had any yarn left. I am currently knitting the Bacchus Socks from the same IK. The Fall IK had two really great sock patterns, when I saw them I knew that I had to knit them. (The orange of the sunstone is not quite so bright, I think the flash of the camera is making them look brighter than they actually are.)

women in theory socks

I knit these socks on the way to the Women in Theory workshop way back in June. I like socks that rock and I like the baby cable rib pattern from Sensational knitted socks, but I hate the way these pooled! Oh well, they will be warm to sleep in. The yarn is STR Chapman Springs Lightweight.

India Socks

I knit these in India. My first and only Claudia Hand Painted. I really like Claudia Hand Painted. It's a tad more expensive than STR, but it just looks so beautiful knit up! I'm not sure how exactly to describe the fact that they are different from STR. Maybe the stitch definition is sharper and the lighter colors in the handpainting pop a little more. The pattern is the Anastasia Socks which can be found on ravelry.

Some socks!

I knitted these in Italy on the numerous train rides we took. My first Silkie Socks that Rock, maybe my last! I don't like the fact that the different strands are different colors. This colorway is Eggplanted. The pattern is one of the simple rib patterns from Sensational Knitted Socks.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I feel like knitting a sweater, but I don't feel like blocking and I don't feel like seaming, gosh I'm picky aren't I? I think that rules out 95% of all nice looking sweater patterns!